Wednesday, March 1, 2017

A decent day

Today, Wednesday, was a good day. I slept okay until 6:30, got up and did my knee exercises and some piano, then went back to sleep. I decided that with rain coming in the afternoon I would go play golf early and that worked out almost perfectly. I got to the eighth hole in good shape to get a 54 or a 55, well within my goal of a 57, but the rain hit on my second shot (just off the green) so I will have to finish next time. I went to Amelia’s for the lunch buffet and of course ate too much but it was very good. I napped when I got home then I tried to do a wash but the AEP electricity was out and the washing machine kept stopping. The extension cord in the house was a couple feet too short to reach the generator so I walked down to the tractor barn and got out the 100 foot extension cord and that solved the problem. The generator started right up without any starting fluid and I did my wash. I also did 30 minutes of biking and 2 sets of weights and yoga. I talked to Gloria on the way in and Bryana is getting married partly so she won’t get deported. Her boyfriend is English and she will get dual citizenship. I will have bloodwork tomorrow and I will see Claire for lunch on Friday. Claire Gallo is pretty sick and she may have an ulcer. She certainly has rotten luck. I offered to drive Maddie on Tuesday and Thursday but Cathy refused the offer, saying She and Lou have it under control. I am worried she is overdoing it and is getting too stressed and is going to get sick but there is nothing I can do except offer. I looked at Hannah Hale’s paper and it is a bit too general for my taste but I gave her some comments and I hope they help. My blood pressure is better with the additional meds so that is a relief. My eye is healing but that will take a few more weeks.

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