Thursday, March 9, 2017

clearing around the cabin and shed

Thursday turned out to be a pretty good day. I decided to play golf so after getting up early I went back to sleep so I would be fully charged and headed out around 10. The course was pretty crowded but I got in nine holes and though I shot an 8 on number 1 (getting in the sandtrap cost me three shots), I ended up with a perfectly respectable 52. I then had lunch at Panda Express and drove home for a good nap. I got up and watched the Duke / Louisville game (which Duke came back and won) then fertilized the fruit trees, checked out the trees around the cabin and the upper shed (I trimmed a little up there), cut the plywood for my UPS sign, screwed the blank sign to the wood, watered the greenhouse and ended up doing thirty minutes of biking. I lay down again and realized that if I wanted to go out to dinner I would have to get dressed and get out quickly. I did and I headed for O’Charley’s where I had the bourbon bacon filet (excellent as usual) and watched the second half of the Tech game, which was close but they lost to Florida State, no big surprise. I emailed my kayak friend but haven’t heard back. I will be having lunch with Claire tomorrow and that should be fun. I am on 40 mg of Prednisone now and I hope that will not make me so tired but since my numbers are better I am not going to complain.

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