Saturday, March 11, 2017

The UPS sign is done

Another reasonably productive day with a lot of napping. I did do almost all my piano work, my knee exercises, two sets of weights and yoga, got three more trays ready for planting, worked on my UPS sign (which of course took a lot of time) and finally got it set up by the sisson gate. I am pretty much done with my list of outdoor to do stuff, having finished clearing the holly bushes, and I will clear out around my lilac bush pretty shortly. I talked to Cathy and offered to help with the rent for Maddie and Claire’s apartment so they can get a very safe one. We had a nice chat about her teaching and the craziness of the administration (a circus run by clowns was our consensus). I spoke with Dave and had a brief but fun chat, mainly about how both of us keep losing things. I am watching the Duke / Notre Dame game at O’Charley’s and Duke is up but not by much.

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