Thursday, March 2, 2017

Maddie's Great Success

This is a wonderful, wonderful day. After the stunning disappointment of Greensboro, Maddie Gallo got a full two year ride to the Wake Forest master’s program. I talked with her and she was so, so happy and it lifted me up to the skies, the best news in years. Maddie sent me the Wake email and I started crying. I am so excited for her. Cathy finally got to read my poem and she really liked it. Mrs. Church was a very special woman and a dear friend. I took a walk to the orchard (though it was a bit slow) then napped then covered the greenhouse plants for the coming freezing weather, then headed for my bloodwork (which was almost painless) then back home for a long nap and then my leg exercises and 30 minutes of biking. Then I drove to Red Lobster for a live lobster dinner and then over to O’Charley’s for dessert, a celebratory night for Maddie.

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