Monday, March 6, 2017

more good numbers

Very good news on Monday with my numbers improving again. I must say I was incredibly tired today and though I must have napped for over eight hours, I did do my knee exercises and thirty minutes of biking along with the dishes and a little more straightening out inside. I watered the greenhouse and checked the generator oil (it looks fine to me, not dirty at all). I did play some piano. I finally got up around 8 from my third or fourth nap and then quickly showered and headed into Red Lobster for a nice flounder and sea scallop dinner. I emailed my kayak friend about Birdy’s Find Me and though she didn’t like the lyrics, I hope she gives it a chance. We are still planning to have dinner on Wednesday at Applebees. I called Chris Patrick and explained how I am the only one who can give permission to people to come on my property and that if Danny wants to he must have a waiver. Chris also said he is going to drop off some venison jerky soon.

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