Sunday, March 5, 2017

Golf and a hike

Today, Sunday, was a pretty good day. I was able to do a hike, weights and yoga (2 sets), my knee exercises, wash most of the dishes, get in a couple of naps, and water the greenhouse. I wanted to play golf and I got off at about 3:10 and got to the golf course about 4:10 and played pretty well even though hole 11 was still a struggle. There is no place for the ball to stop since it is steep and there is no grass. I ended up with a 51 and that was much better than the 54 I had set as my goal. My kayak friend is feeling better and we are planning for dinner on Wednesday so that should be fun. After golf I headed to my office for a long nap then my lumosity training and my blog. I will be glad to drop 10 more mg of Prednisone on March 10th. I will call for my bloodwork on Monday. I am very tired but I hope as I wean myself from the Prednisone that will get better. Chris Patrick hasn’t returned my text but I am not sure if that is an active number. I left messages with Andy and Dougie to give me his number but I haven’t heard back yet. I hadn’t taken into account all the extra taxes will have to pay with social security and my withdrawals from my AXA accounts but after figuring it all out, it will make a very little difference with what I retire on.

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