Monday, March 20, 2017

still very sick

This is a catchup from last Saturday night. Sunday was the start of my latest health concern. I could tell I was fighting something and I was, as I found out on Wednesday when I went into see Chris Johnson (Rob is up in Boston at a conference) and they found out I had influenza A, the type that Rob was just getting over. I stayed at home each day, making one quick visit to pick up supplies, and coughing, coughing, and coughing. I did my knee exercises here and there and three or four stationary bike rides of about 25 minutes. I haven’t done any full sets of weights or yoga but yesterday I tried. When I got back from Rob’s office I took my first dose of Tamaflu and then a second dose later and I had a really horrible night, not able to breathe and having to take a lot of my asthma spray. It is not the drug for me so I stopped taking it. It is now Friday morning and yesterday off the tamaflu and almost a week in my flu, I am hoping to be done with this in a few days. Chris said 7 to 10 days so with luck tomorrow may be better. I got bloodwork done on Wednesday and Chris looked at my thumb but didn’t open it up or anything. It is not much worse but it does throb. The fact that I am writing this blog is a good sign. Another catchup. It is Monday morning and I just drove to town to pick up some cough medicine and have breakfast at I HOP and do my blog. I’m still coughing a lot, doing my biking and knee exercises and having a lot of trouble sleeping. This has to end soon.

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