Friday, March 10, 2017

lunch with Claire

Another pretty good day. I forced myself to hike this morning since I needed the hike and the wind was blowing heavily and that is always fun to walk in and I also wanted to check the road for obstacles. The road was fine and I got down to the second stump then headed back so I wouldn’t be rushed to get ready to have lunch with Claire. I washed the dishes but that was basically it and then I headed in to Nagoya to have sushi. Claire has very solid plans for her and Luke’s future and I really impressed. Luke isn’t interested in the crawl space job (he will be starting up his new business) but Claire remains interested. I will have to see because at this point she is having problems with her back and working in my crawl space would not be a good place for her if her back is a problem. I drove back home after picking up a post for my UPS sign and then napped. When I woke, I did my leg exercises, then my biking and my weights and yoga. I wrote out the UPS sign and it shouldn’t take too much time to put it up. I watered the greenhouse and before I left for dinner I covered the two trays since it is going to go down to 21 tonight. I watched a really good game between Duke and North Carolina and it looked like North Carolina would easily beat Duke but the second half was all Duke. They ended up winning my about 10 and they play for the ACC championship tomorrow. I had the fried fish for dinner (a real craving as I drove in) along with mashed sweet potatoes, broccoli, and a side salad. I think I am going to not do my lumosity training tonight just to give myself a break.

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