Friday, July 28, 2017

A Good Day

Friday turned into a very good day.  I was able to get up at 8:30 and go for a walk from the gate just up to the orchard, pruning some with the hand pruner.  I feel pretty good and my feet felt a little better.  The final trimming before I head out is almost done.  I will cut the grass next week and that should be the last cutting.  I talked to Mike Young yesterday and he thought Dougie would be fine with me coming back to visit occasionally.  I will of course ask his permission but I’m pretty sure he will agree.  David and Laura have already given me permission to return so if I get hollow needy I think I will have access at least as long as the Sissons own their property.  After my hike I lay down for a few minutes but quickly got up and did my knee exercises, then practiced all my sacred songs, then did my weights and yoga.  I also did some more straightening up and then drove into town to have a late lunch with Claire Hall.  It was great to see her and after sushi she treated me to frozen yogurt and we walked some around downtown.  I sent Mike Ellerbrock a response to his group and his articles and I am waiting for Thursday’s meeting.  I helped Dave yesterday a little.  He was in a bit of a funk and I cheered him up and he  was very appreciative.   He has been such a good friend that I am very glad I could reciprocate a bit.  I am in McDonalds doing my blog and then, since it is raining, I will go riding in the Perry Street garage after I am done.  Then home for prayers and songs.

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