Thursday, July 27, 2017

Good Day, Bad Day

Wednesday was one of my best days in a long time.  I slept well, got up reasonably early, did my knee exercises and played all my piano pieces, prayed a rosary, read more of Merton’s essay on Faulkner, started reading Genesis and then headed off to see Rob.  He thought my breathing was much better and said it would be okay to go kayaking on Sunday.  He told me an amusing story about Noah having to dissect an animal heart and he really should write it up.  Then I went to my office and did a good bit of work straightening out the pile of letters and papers I haven’t filed.  I then rode my bike for 40 minutes and headed home in time for prayer and songs then dinner.

Thursday morning I was a little tired but I did get up and do my knee exercises and played through my piano pieces (not very well I must add).  I then drove to meet Jen Jordan at 2 and I think I was too aggressive with her, debating issues about God’s perfection instead of listening more.  I sent her a richly deserved apology, and I am going to do more thinking about what she said.  I am certainly struggling with my lack of faith and I am not sure what to do.  I will be heading to the reading group in a few minutes and I hope that goes well.  Dave was feeling a little down so I did have a nice talk with him and I hope it gets him out of his funk.

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