Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Not sure of pneumonia

Tuesday was an okay day.  The Holy Spirit group did calm me down some but I felt that asking for prayers for Lee, my roommate during chemo, seemed out of place.  I didn’t sleep well and ended up taking 2 2.5 mg valiums and 1 Trazadone.  I was pretty groggy in the morning but I did eventually do all my knee exercises, and played through all the sacred songs twice.  I also made good progress on changing my address.  I set up the electricity and I found out that basic cable and internet will cost about 80 and that would be affordable.  My hands are so slow but I am getting a little better at piano.  I decided to leave the hollow at 4 and I drove to Radford to give Claire her birthday present.  I then headed to my office to tidy up my files, which are getting messy.  My kayak friend emailed me and would like to go kayaking this Sunday, which may work if the antibiotics clear me up by Friday.  

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