Monday, July 31, 2017

A Good Monday

Monday is turning into another good day.  I didn’t do a hike but I did my knee exercises and played all of the sacred songs and three of the jazz songs.  I also did three sets of weights and yoga.  I left the hollow around 2 because I was hoping to get a lot done and I accomplished a few things, getting my meds at Walmart, dropping by Verizon to reapply for my 15% discount, stopping at East Coasters to have them look at my steering (Ian is going to have to order a part), talking to Kitty Devereaux about the Stephen ministry (it will require 50 hours of training so that may become problematic when I start teaching again but I should get in at least 20 sessions).  I will meet with her Thursday to introduce myself and learn more about the program.  I also get bloodwork on Thursday and have a meeting on Vibrant Paradoxes.  I have been having repetitive nightmares lately and I hope they go away.   I wake up upset, get back to sleep and then wake up one or two more times with the same bad dream.   I am now in Our Daily Bread doing my blog and just having finished an almond croissant.  I will work a bit on my writing and then probably take a walk at the Tech Library then head for the Holy Spirit group, with perhaps a short nap in between.   I am not sure what I am going to do about golf once the Meadows is sold.   I have 8 more 9 hole rounds before they close August 31 so I guess I will try to use them up.  After that I am not sure if I will continue playing because of my financial situation.  Auburn Hills is almost twice as expensive but I'll see how my finances are holding out.  

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