Sunday, July 23, 2017

Getting back to work on the orchard road and the house

Sunday turned out to be an okay day.  I was able to get up at 8:30 and do some more pruning on the orchard road, then I returned home for a rest, then went to work separating all the tools and stuff and made good progress.   I talked to David yesterday and told him that I wasn’t going to have the energy to clean the house and he said that I had done enough and I also mentioned that I would be leaving the stuff I didn’t need and he was okay with that.  I did my knee exercises and did a number of little things to get things more organized for the move.  I am certainly nervous about it, first the physical move and then the financial cost, which may cause me to look for a new place the following year.  I practiced some piano (going through all of the songs once) and I read more of Merton, although “The Philosophy of Solitude,” though an amazing effort, deals with a subject way out of my realm.  I did a good bit of praying and that always calms me some.  At about 4 I drove into Blacksburg, got rid of the garbage and recycling, and headed to McDonalds to put more of the Barron quotes into my computer and to do my blog.  I should finish by a little after 7 and that will give me time for a good bike ride and also time to drive back to the hollow to do my prayers and singing.   

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