Friday, September 9, 2016

A good Friday

Friday turned into a pretty productive day all considered. I couldn’t sleep so I had to take an OTC sleeping pill at 4 and finally got back to sleep around 5:30. I did my exercises, watered my greenhouse tray (which has seedlings coming up), weights and yoga, got the kayak ready for Sunday (although something seems to be gnawing at something up in the cabin but the kayak was still inflated so it seems okay), then headed for lunch with Claire Hall. We ate at Nagoya’s and talked a lot about her buying a house with Luke. I showed her my office then I applied successfully for my free 30 year parking permit, went over to the Tech Help Desk and backed up my computer, and emailed my problem student (I am accepting her apology for lying to me and we will see how she does). I then drove over to East Coasters and got my bike fixed. Ian took off the chain guard and tightened and oiled the chain. Then I headed off to Walker Creek then over to Eggleston, where I caught one small blue gill. Then I went bike riding at Tech and had salad and soup at Panera and did my lumosity training and my blog.

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