Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Classes going well

It is Wednesday and things are going well. I dried out my kayak this morning, took a walk down to my favorite white pine, did my exercises, played all my piano pieces, did my weights and yoga, washed the dishes and did a load of wash. I got so much done because Maddie didn’t need a ride this morning. I have given up on my fall garden. It’s getting late and I still need to get some soil without seeds in it. I then drove to RU and got some work done on my 5 o’clock class, got most of my book orders for the spring done, and got a decent nap in at 4. My class went very well and the students were pretty talkative. After class I went for a 35 minute bike ride because my knee hurt some and then I drove to Blacksburg to eat at Greens and to go see CafĂ© Society at 9:15 at the Lyric.

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