Sunday, September 4, 2016

a wonderful kayak trip

Well, another trip with my kayak friend and this one was exceptional. The temperature was just right, around 80. The sky was a lovely blue with occasional white and puffy clouds. The trees seemed incredibly clear and beautiful. We paddled very slowly and chatted as we usually do and when we finished we went for some food at Cook Out. Earlier I did my exercises and some weights. I also replanted my lettuce tray after something got in. It must have been pretty big since it tore the screen and I found it on the outside of the greenhouse. I can’t imagine a raccoon or even a squirrel going after such small seeds but I doubt it was a mouse or a vole. I also started the generator so now that should be good for another month or so. After a nap in my office I drove to the Huckleberry off Merrimac and rode my bike for 40 minutes. Then I went to O’Charley’s for the ND/Texas game. It’s a close game so I am going to watch at least some of the second half. I did my lumosity training and read more chapters of The Awakening. I also did my blog and I will grade a few more writing samples

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