Monday, September 26, 2016

Kayaking and the beginning of week 5

Yesterday was a good day. I did my exercises in the morning then headed off to meet my kayak friend for another trip, the fourth in the last four weeks. It was a very good trip full of humor and conversation even though the water was pretty low. I stayed in my inflatable the whole time and my friend did very well in her Ocean Kayak, hitting the waves in the rapids very well. After our trip we went and had meatball heros at Subway and chatted some more. After that I took a nap in my office and then went for a bike ride. Then I decided to apply for social security and I was able to do it successfully. I realized that the 41500 figure (half my salary) was not going to work (the figure will be closer to 52000). I thought I would lose half my benefits over 41500, so that didn’t help my sleep. Monday was decent. I didn’t sleep well, mainly because of my social security worries, but I took an OTC sleeping pill and got back to bed around 4. I woke around 8 and did my exercises, my weights and yoga, playing most of my piano pieces, got the kayaking stuff out and drying and then headed to pick up Maddie. She was doing fine, as were Claire and Cathy, so that was good news. I drove back to my office for a quick nap, since the weather was pretty iffy. I found out that I will only lose 1/3 of my benefits over 41500 so that is a big plus. Then I taught my class but they seemed so sluggish. It was hard to get them to respond to anything. The weather was still pretty bad so I decided to drive over to Tech to ride inside but I wasn’t feeling up to it so I just stopped at O’Charley’s for cedar plank salmon. I did my lumosity and my blog.

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