Friday, September 2, 2016

lunch with Claire

This Friday turned out pretty well. I got up around 5 and couldn’t go back to sleep and it was too wet to cut the grass so I took an otc sleeping pill and finally got back to sleep, waking up around 9:30. I did a mixed set of exercises, then got ready to go have lunch with Claire. It was fun to catch up with all her plans and after lunch at the Next Door Bakery, we took a nice walk on the Tech campus. I then rode my bike on campus for almost 40 minutes then headed home to take a nap and do a second set of exercises and my weights and yoga. I headed into Bburg around 7:45 and rode my bike over in one of the Perry street lots for 30 minutes. Then it was over to O’Charley’s for cherry pie and milk. I emailed Rosemary about taking an unpaid leave next fall and she is going to find out the rules and we will discuss it next week. I can retire in June if I want to but taking the fall off and working another semester or two would be better. If I take the fall off I will have a nine month break, then teach the spring semester, then have the summer off, then teach one last semester in the fall.

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