Monday, September 19, 2016

More Kayaking

Sunday was a very good day. I got up early and had to head off pretty quickly to go kayaking with my kayak friend. She arrived at 10 at the 114 bridge and we were off by 10:45 from Dudley’s Landing. About 2/3 of the way down we switched boats and she did very well through the rapids and even better surfing in the last set of waves. I was able to do a little surfing with her small Ocean Kayak. We went over to Cook-Out for some food and continued our chatting. Great fun. Then I went biking and ended up watching a little of the Green Bay / Minnesota game at O’Charley’s. Monday was a bit quick in the morning since I had to meet Maddie at 10:45, a lot earlier than I was used to. I did my exercises and my weights and yoga and then it was time to leave. After dropping Maddie off, I went to my office for a nap and then went biking for 40 minutes, then off to my office hours, where I did some work on the rhetoric questions for 200 and 203. I had a pretty good class but only a few speak up and I think I really need to do groups in that one. I went riding again and just beat a pretty severe storm. I got to talk to Cathy Gallo for a bit and she is fine and Claire is looking for a part time job. Cathy doesn’t think she is ready for an apartment but she does think a course in the spring might be good for Claire. I resolved my situation with Rosemary and I just wish her well in dealing with the graduate stuff. I am hoping to see Claire Hall on Friday and chatted with her some today. Her wedding is on the 8th. My money from AXA came through so I will be able to pay all my bills, hopefully until December.

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