Saturday, September 10, 2016

re-injured my thigh

Saturday has been a good day with a possibly bad ending. I got up early and got the kayak in my truck (my knee felt fine) and then I did a set of exercises, some cleaning up, fixed the bike rack and greased the kickstand. I napped, did a second set of exercises, did my weights and yoga, practiced all my piano pieces, and then headed off. I got a good response from Gabes and offered to visit at Thanksgiving but they are not going to be around so I will probably head south, perhaps to Atlanta. I stopped to chat with Dougie and Angie and it was nice to chat with them both. Then it was off to Auburn Hills to play golf and I played pretty well 48/47 from the red tees. I headed to my office for a nap and I was going to go bike riding before the Tech game but my thigh felt bad (like up in the Big Horns) so I drove over to Macados in Bburg to do my lumosity training and my blog and to watch the Tech game. I hope my thigh will be okay tomorrow for my kayak trip. If it is hurting I may rent a kayak again to make it easier.

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