Friday, September 23, 2016

My Knee Passed with Flying Colors

Friday turned out pretty well. I am still having some stomach problems but I feel like things are tightening up and that feels good. I did my exercises and some piano in the morning then headed in to meet Claire for lunch at Red Lobster. I was fun to catch up and her wedding is in two weeks. Luke and she are looking at property, houses and perhaps a modular home. I may see her next Friday. I then went over to see Matt at Dr. Gardner’s and he said the x-rays were fine and that I looked great and that I didn’t have to return. He did suggest taking the antibiotic in December when I go to the dentist. Then I drove back home and waited for Eric and his girlfriend and when they got there I showed them my Geological Survey map and then I drove down with him to look at the trees. He said the only one that really needs to be cut is the one next to the tree he cut awhile back. I looked over the Pedlar Hills and showed him where my boundary is and I think I convinced him that he could make it into the side hollow if he wanted to. I told him to come up whenever if he wanted to walk up the side hollow. I took a nap, then got up and did my weights and yoga and the rest of my piano. Then I watched some golf and headed in for a 40 minute bike ride at Merrimac. Then it was time for shrimp fajitas at El Grande Rodeo and then tea and a bagel at Panera, where I did my lumosity and my blog.

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