Thursday, September 8, 2016

End of my Second Week of Teaching

The last two days, Wednesday and Thursday, have been busy but they went well. On Wednesday morning, I did my yoga and weights, my exercises, and some practicing piano. Then I drove in to pick up Maddie and found out the news about Claire. Maddie was doing well and I was glad to see her. Later, I taught a good class and then went for a bike ride and dinner at O’Charley’s. Thursday was also a decent day. I slept until 6 and got up and stained the porch which took less than an hour. Nothing much to do right now but I well trim the road and plant a second planter as soon as the seeds from the first one sprout. I did my exercises, weights and yoga and I practiced most of my piano pieces. I drove in and taught a good first class, then taught a second good class before heading off to play golf 44/43 (with some holes from the white tees). I talked to Cathy and things are a little better. My kayak friend emailed me and we are going kayaking on Sunday. I am going to use my boat for the first time since the surgery. I then went for dinner at the Mexican restaurant and then rode my bike for 30 minutes at the Huckleberry trail at Merrimac. Now I am watching the Broncos/Colts game at Macado’s after having done my lumosity training and my blog.

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