Tuesday, January 31, 2017

A bit of catchup

Friday seemed to be a very good day. I slept okay, got up and since it was too cold to go out and work or walk, I did my knee exercises, my stationary bike for 20 minutes, a good deal of piano and then it was time to nap. I got up around 10:30 and decided to take it easy and get ready to leave by 12 to meet Claire for lunch at Nagoya at 1. We had a fun lunch and since I was very free, I offered to drive her around to see some of the houses she had found online. We saw a nice house over in Fairlawn in a nice development but it was much too steep. The two in Cburg were decent looking but were much too close together. Then we drove way out on Mt. Tabor and found a decent house out there but the people were mean to Claire when she knocked and we just left. The last house on Mount Tabor was by far the nicest (and the most expensive) but though it had an acre of land, it was very close to a lot of other houses and right off Mt. Tabor and another road. I doubt Luke would like the property although the house was very, very nice. After dropping Claire off in Radford, I went to my office for a nap and then a walk around the building and I had a nice chat with Kim and she told me her adventures with Patty up at the Women’s March, much too crowded for someone of my solitary nature. I walked some more and then there was an Asian student working on her computer so I asked her if she needed any help since I was a professor. She was very happy for the help and I explained very carefully what neoconservatism is and some of the basic beliefs. She seemed really glad for the help. More walking and then off to Olive Garden for a late dinner and writing my blog. A very calm day by any standard and one that I thoroughly enjoyed. I didn’t sleep too well, so at 7:30 I decided to pack and head to Charlotte to play some golf in the much warmer weather. It was a good plan, with light traffic and I drove to Statesville where I rode my bike in Lakeshore Park, small but adequate. My legs were swollen so I raised and rested them on the truck door for 10 minutes and that seemed to help. After that I stopped for a nap, then decided to stop and check out the Larkin Golf Club and had a lot of fun even though I shot a nine on a difficult par 5 and 4 putted a couple of times. I shot what I tried for, a 54, but I was so tired the last two holes. Now I drove to the Wingate and napped again, then did my leg exercises, chatted with Gyorgyi about mad man Trump and then showered and went out to P.F. Chang’s and had eggplant and broccoli and soup, leaving out the tempting shrimp dumplings. I have been raising my feet all day and that does seem to help. Sunday proved quite a good day also. I got up at 5 then had breakfast at six after doing my knee exercises, and then weights in the exercise room and then finally fell back to sleep and woke up at nearly 10. I decided to drive down to Congaree and when I got there I was pretty tired so I took a nap and then headed out on the boardway. There were at least a dozen dogs on leashes along the way and on a four foot wide boardwalk there is no way to keep the dogs away from the people passing by. This was ruining my walk so I called the visitor center, really gave it to them and told them that I was going to walk up the Sims trail and then walk back near the Learning Center (which obviously is used by the public at points) as I used to bike back. The ranger told me that someone might stop me and question me about why I was there, but that I wouldn’t be arrested and I told them I didn’t really care. That if you were going to arrest a sick, handicapped man with a cane for trying to avoid getting bitten by dogs, then go arrest me and see what a publicity nightmare you would create. No one appeared so I raised my legs for twenty minutes then went inside and furthered my complaints, and found out that that bully Tracy Stakely is still in charge (the moron who wouldn’t take down the misleading bicycle sign, which took my months to finally get taken out after having to write to his superiors). I think I will find out who his boss is and simply copy Stakely. I then finished my biking and on the way back I stopped to talk to a fellow cutting wood about fishing the big lake, but he said it had no fish since it had been totally flooded out but he called his boss and Clark offered to let me fish one of his private ponds tomorrow at 8:30. I was excited and I drove to Walmart to get a license and a pair of size 40 pants after I broke the buckle on my North Face pants. I had a chicken breast at Hush’s near the Comfort Inn and it was wonderful (prednisone speaking?) then I went for a nap, did my knee exercises, the did my blog which I will have to post later since my laptop, after getting updated, is not connecting to the internet. Monday was another positive day on my road to recovery. I slept horribly, probably worried about meeting Clay Chappell at 8:30 to fish one of his ponds. He was late but very cordial and put me on an acre or so pond, where I got two nice fish, one over two pounds. I then drove some and napped for over an hour then did my Target shopping, then went to play golf at Northwoods, where I hoped for a 54 and ended with a 53. My putting is very jittery and that’s the drugs, I think. Then I drove to the comfort inn at Tyvola (saving 25 dollars over the wingate) and took a long nap. I did my exercises and yoga and then went to wolfgang puck’s for a wonderful Caesar salad and mushroom pizza.

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