Tuesday, January 31, 2017

A fine ending to a very nice trip

Tuesday proved another encouraging day. I slept terribly, finally getting up at 6:30 for breakfast and with a waffle in me and eggs, I got back to sleep and got up at 9:30, packed up my stuff and headed off for a walk in downtown Charlotte. However, I really had to struggle even to get to Discovery Place. So on a whim, I went in and the Ocean Futures was playing so I watched that and enjoyed it quite a bit. Very small scale stuff but wonderfully photographed. I walked up a few stairs and had to sit down. This was not going well so I went to the cafĂ©, got a protein bar and a diet coke and after finishing them I was able to walk up to trade street and back. I then drove for over an hour and decided to try my luck at Cedarbrook, since the weather was so nice (just wearing t-shirt and a long sleeve shirt). However, my putting remained terrible and on the two par fives I shot a 10 and a 9, making a terrible decision on the second par five (the 10) and ending up with a 57 (I was hoping for a 56) and I would have gotten it on the last hole when my third shot from about 35 yards in the rough landed perfectly, not ten feet from the cup—and I watched it stop and hold on that very tricky green—but when I drove up and got out of my cart the ball had rolled all the way down, about 30 feet away and I three putted from there. Then I drove to my office, napped, then rode my bike down at the Armstrong center for 40 minutes before heading to O’Charley’s for a veggie dinner, lumosity and blogging. I sent my kayak friend a couple of funny emails and she responded in kind. I touched base with Gyorgyi, Cathy and Claire.

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