Thursday, January 19, 2017

another good hike

Well, the fellow who contacted me is really looking for sub-dividable property so there is really no interest. I did explain to him all the pluses and minuses about the hollow and I told him to keep me in mind. He has his own acreage out on 42 and I wish him well with it. I did a good hike this morning (three times back up to the orchard) and then I did some work around the house before taking a nap. I fixed the broken screen door and checked the battery water then equalized the batteries. I did my knee exercises, my stationary bike for 40 minutes, my yoga but no practicing (maybe tonight). I didn’t get to sleep until after 4, even with the sleeping pill. My kayak friend responded tonight and I sent her back what I think is a pretty funny email. Maddie is done with her first week so that’s good news. We exchanged a couple of texts so that was fun. I go see Dr. Pant tomorrow at three and that shouldn’t be too stressful and then I am going to meet Claire Hall at Next Door Bakery at 4. She has been so helpful to me with my knee surgery and with my present health concerns. Her marriage seems to be going very well and she is enjoying teaching at Tech. Gyorgyi seems to be finally over her cold but she has a very tough semester ahead of her. Hope to see her for dinner soon. Tech is really taking advantage of her.

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