Tuesday, January 24, 2017

maybe I can get off Cellcept

Microsoft is screwing up again. Amazing. It lost my Monday entry but I am pretty sure I posted it so I guess each blog will have a different name. I am going to return my Tiles after talking with the idiots at Tile, one of the most incompetent organizations I have ever dealt with. And I have to package and get the tiles to a shipping place. Today, Tuesday was a very good day and the big news was that when I talked to Rob, he said that he thought there was a good chance I could get off Cellcept at some point, which would be wonderful. I emailed my kayak friend about that possibility but I know this is another busy week for her so she may not respond until later of tomorrow. During the day I decided to do some work outside, so I drove to the far gate and replaced the old lock with a brand new one, and then I decided to fix the third gate where my turnbuckle / cable setup broke a while ago and the gate has to be lifted to open it completely. If I had purchased a new thicker cable, bigger cable clips, and a new larger turnbuckle, then the job would have gone much, much easier. But I decided to see what I had up at the cabin and in my house and I did have some smaller cable clips so I thought I could improvise, and it got ugly. I had a lot of trouble working with the tiny nuts (losing 3 of them but I brought my box of nuts so I had plenty). I pulled the post back by attaching it to my truck and backing up and that worked okay. I also put some wood under the end of the gate to raise it a bit and that helped. I eventually got 5 cable clips attached and after I pounded the stake in with the sledge, I got the cable pretty tight and the job was done. It works very well but I am not sure how long it will last. The overall job took me over 2 hours but I was pretty satisfied and I did get to use some of the stuff I bought a long time ago. I went back and napped, then got up and took a long hike to the orchard, then napped again and did my exercises, my weights and my stationary bike for 40 minutes but no piano and no yoga before heading out for dinner at Greens. I also cleaned and oiled the TV cabinet, the top of which was amazingly dusty but the whole thing looks great. I talked with Gyorgyi and we are planning to get together soon. Trump is very unbalanced I think and I am not sure he is going to last as president. I looked into the Hethwood apartments a little more and I think I could afford a one bedroom with a den at Copper Croft or Stroubles, their two better places. I was just doing it for fun since my recovery is going well and I am hoping that I can stay in the hollow for a long time.

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