Saturday, January 21, 2017

first golf in over a month

Saturday proved another good day to recovery. I went to bed by 2 and slept till 6:30, then forced myself to go on a long morning hike. I decided to start the lawnmower and I got it going with a lot of starter fluid. I drove it up to the house and thought about cutting the one dangerous limb by the tractor barn but my long, extendable trimming saw wouldn’t have been long enough to do it. I drove back down and decided to set up a couple of more log pieces to sit on and that should give me a nice resting place (I also want to put some small flat concrete blocks under them and maybe trim them a bit when I bring out my electric chain saw. I walked back to the house with the battery fully charged and then ate a bit and took a shorter nap so I could go play golf (Dr. Trivedi okayed golf yesterday; if fact she said except for heavy weightlifting, I can go back to all my exercises). I was excited and I really thought I would be awful (I hoped for a 58 from the forward tees) but the back nine was open and I started with 2 pars and a bogey, not a bad start at all. It took me a very poor chip from 20 yards off the green and then 4 putts to get a 7 on the 13th, but then I was pretty consistent, 6, 5, 6 and then on the 9th (I usually play it instead of the 18th, which it is harder than), I hit two wonderful shots, my third was ten yards off the green and I was definitely looking at a 6 at worse, but instead of trying a long uphill putt I chipped right off the left of the green and ended with an 8 on a downhill green that was amazingly slow. I picked up some glass cleaner finally and then had two slices of pizza from Amelia’s, then drove home for a nap and my knee exercises and 30 minutes of biking before headed to Macados to get a Margie’s Cashew chicken salad and watch Duke / Miami, with Duke now 5 ahead after being 10 behind and looking awful. I emailed a couple times with my kayak friend and I think my first email to her was one of the funniest things I have ever written. She is worried about me staying on Cellcept too long because it is a very risky drug and I wrote her that I would talk to Trivedi when I am back to normal about the drug and that I would even go down to Duke to consult with an expert down there. It’s so good to have her advice and support.

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