Saturday, January 14, 2017

Back Home, and Doing Okay

On Friday I was released from the hospital even though my creatine numbers had gone up a little (from 2.6 to 2.71), all four doctors though that I was plateauing and that I could be released. My blood is still 5 pints low and my protein leakage is still high, but they expect those to start to charge within a few more weeks. The two biggest threats I have are from infections and stress, and I will do my best to avoid infected people (I have purchased a box of the masks) and not teaching and not overdoing anything right now should keep my stress down. I will probably go to my office occasionally (I would think almost always after 5 when few people should be around), and I have offered to share my office if needed. I started on a lot of strong drugs today Saturday (particularly 60 mg of prednisone and 4 pills per day of Cellcept) so I was very tired (I slept all night and then napped 7 hours during the day) but I did a little exercise (which the doctors said was fine) and I am feeling okay now. Rob says the prednisone will start keeping me up at night but he did prescribe a sleeping pill if needed. I will have more blood work on Monday and I see Dr. Trivedi on Friday so I should have some info on Tuesday and on Friday. I will have to be on drugs for at least six months and maybe much longer (I am also on 2 antibiotics) but Rob thinks I will be feeling much better in 6 weeks and Dr. Trivedi in 2 to 3 months, if I have no setbacks. I must say that getting out of the hospital yesterday was the best I have felt in 7 weeks, and I felt pretty positive about things, a good and tearful day. I did some exercising today, including almost 30 minutes of biking, a walk to my white pine, almost all my knee exercises, my yoga and I did some cleaning up in the house and in the truck. I drove into town about 5:30 and got some masks and then went to Macados for dinner, lumosity training and my blog. I feel okay and fairly positive, and my tears on my walk were certainly hopeful ones.

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