Wednesday, January 4, 2017

the renal biopsy is over and wasn't too painful

Well, it is Wednesday night and I am watching Duke clobber GT. The really good news is that the renal biopsy wasn’t very painful so my week of terror is finished (I was expecting something in the 8-10 range but the worst it got was a 2. They did numb me a lot and they gave me a lot of pain medicine so that may have helped). I still haven’t taken any pain meds but I am very, very tired. I drove home from the Comfort Inn and took a long nap, then went for a walk up to the orchard, then walked home and needed to take a two hour nap when I returned. When I got up I played piano for 20 minutes and then needed a half hour nap before I had enough energy to get going. I contacted Rosemary and she and I will chat after I find out the results of my biopsy and what the treatment plan will be.

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