Friday, January 20, 2017

good visit to Dr. Trivedi

Today, Friday was a pretty good day. I didn’t get to bed until after 2 but I slept until 7 and did my exercises and then some household stuff and then went back to bed until almost 12 and then had to hustle a bit to get my stationary biking done for 30 minutes and get dressed. No walk this morning but it wasn’t too pleasant in the morning and I was pretty tired. I drove in, recycled and got rid of the garbage, then went to visit Dr. Trivedi and she spent an hour and 20 minutes questioning me and all my numbers are getting better (kidney 1.69) and no major concerns. I was pretty happy with all the good news. I also got to give my gift cards to the renal biopsy people, to the surgical care staff and to Trivedi’s office, then I was still able to meet Claire and have dinner at Nagoya and then an almost hour walk with her (I was short of breath going up the hill) on campus. I then got to my office and took a hour and ten minute nap and then talked to Rob, who was very optimistic, and am doing my blog and hopefully my lumosity training. I did have a pleasant and helpful conversation with Craig and that felt very good. Today I also left a message for John about my health situation and I hope to chat with him at some point.

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