Thursday, January 26, 2017

Some slow, slow chainsaw work but a lot accomplished

Thursday has turned out to be another good day. I slept pretty well, getting to bed around 2, and got up around 5:30, and I did my knee exercises, which I hadn’t done on Wednesday and I could really tell I had missed a day. I did some dishes, listened to some news about that idiot Donald Trump, then went back for a nap. When I awoke I knew it was chainsaw time, so I very slowly got all my equipment together and got on my chain saw clothes and headed off to my first stop where I had a 30 foot log just off the road hanging on the stump that eric cut. I wanted to relieve a bit of the pressure and cut some of the log farther from the road. It was slow work and a little dangerous as I got higher up, but I was able to cut away a good portion of it and cut it up into sections I can roll off into the ravine when I get a chance. I had to take several breaks because I was quickly out of breath, but I was glad that job number one was finished. The second job was the two dead trees hanging over the road to the orchard and that job was even more work. I had hope to work till 12:30 but it was simply much too hard and there at least another hour of cutting to be done, then clearing the road. My Stihl electric is great but of course limited and I have to put the other blade on because I think the first one is dulled with all the cuts I made today. When I backed up and turned around in the pasture, I was pretty tired and hungry so when I got home I microwaved an Amy’s Pad Thai and then took a nap. I didn’t sleep that long and when I got up I painted the fixed spots in the bathroom, but it quickly became apparent that the 8 ounce, supposedly matched sample was much too dark. Fortunately, I noticed that I had a quart of old white semi-gloss in the cabinet so I tried that out later and it was a much better match. I actually thought of mixing a little bit of the darker paint to even match the wall better, but such subtlety of effort is not my general mode. I was watching Tiger’s return and at one point he was even but he ended up 4 over which really isn’t too bad for such an incredible layoff. After a very needed shower, I headed into town around 4 and rode my bike on the Huckleberry for 40 minutes, stopping a little early because I didn’t want to hurt my butt. After my ride I dropped off my check to Rob and he hoped we could walk this weekend. That would be fun for both of us I think. I still have to pick up my meds and some more chain saw oil but it’s just after 7 so that shouldn’t be a problem.

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