Wednesday, January 18, 2017

interest in the hollow perhaps

It is Wednesday night and after a really nice dinner of blackened fresh salmon at Red Lobster, I have returned to O’Charley’s for dessert and lumosity and blogging. I did get to sleep by 2:30 last night but I got up at 6 and couldn’t get back to sleep so I drove down to the pasture to get some Amtrak info so I may go see Dave on my Yellowstone trip in September. I can afford it and it would be really fun to spend some time in person and Dave. We have become very close and that is a big comfort to me. I got home and did some exercises then finally got back to bed, took a nap and got up around 11. I had my big cup of coffee and then went for a very good hike, going back up the last 110 yards three times, which felt very good for my breathing. I sat there for at least 45 minutes and just enjoyed the sun and did some calling and internet stuff. When I got back home I lay down but couldn’t sleep so I rested for awhile and did my stationary biking for 40 minutes, light weights and yoga and did about half my practicing then took a long nap. I cleaned a little around the house and in a couple of months, the house should be in decent shape. Maddie and I had fun texting back and forth and it sounds like her last semester is off to a good start. I also got an email from a fellow who appears to have some interest in seeing the hollow. I sent him my phone number and we are supposed to talk tomorrow.

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