Monday, January 16, 2017

two decent days

This has been a pretty good two days although I can't get my Microsoft Work to work so I am doing my blog directly on Blogspot. Sunday was a good day, and I stayed in the hollow the whole day, practicing piano, light weights, yoga, cleaning the house and working a bit on the truck, taking a hike to the orchard (with a few stops to get my breath back) and watching both of the exciting football games. I wish Dallas would have won but Green Bay was fun to watch. Monday has also turned out to e a good day, my sleeping still way, way off but I did eventually get up in time to make it to lunch with Claire Hall and that turned out to be quite a nice lunch and walk. I went to my office to quickly get the sick leave form to Rosemary, chat with Laura and Amy, file some things and then still make it for blood work at 3:30. Dr. Pant called and he was just checking in but it was nice to hear from him and I thanked him profusely for getting me back quickly and into treatment. That probably is going to have a significant impact on my recovery. After bloodwork and an apple juice from Valerie, I went to have an early salad and sandwich at Panera, but since I couldn't get Microsoft Word to work, I decided to call East Coasters to see about the new bike parts, and when Matt offered to fix the rack, I headed over and got that done. I then thought a nice almond croissant and a cup of coffee would be nice so I headed over to Our Daily Bread and wrote my blog directly on Blogger. I got a very angry email from Tracy, after a kind one yesterday, calling me a "lying fucking prick" and I am not exactly sure why she is so angry with me. I talked with Craig earlier and explained things accurately and said I would enjoy playing golf with him at some point (nothing wrong with a very sick person wanting to go back to play golf when they can) and then Linda contacted Tracy and Tracy must have really misunderstood my situation. It is getting much too hard to live out in the hollow by myself and I am not sure how my treatment will go, and I would like Tracy to get her 20% when I sell the hollow. I guess she will never forgive me and I shouldn't have taken her kind words to heart. Oh well, my friends are being good to me and that has been very helpful.

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