Monday, January 9, 2017

still no definitive news

It is Monday evening and I am waiting for a call from Rob. It may not answer what I have but it should clarify things a little. I should absolutely know what I have by tomorrow when the results of the renal biopsy are due. I hope it is not lupus, or at least that it is the easier to treat kind. I called Dr. Trividi but she didn’t return my call yet. I did get a low pressure shower head and I picked up some needed supplies. I had a cup of onion soup and a baguette at Panera, where I have finished my lumosity training and am working on my blog. I did my knee exercises, my weights and yoga, rode the stationary bike and I practiced all my piano pieces. My blood is 4 pints low and that has Rob worried. I talked with Rosemary and she did not offer to take away another course but that may happen when I get the final diagnosis. I talked to Gyorgyi and she is on the way back home, still recovering from her bad cold. I am going to have a salad when I watch the National Championship game. It was still too cold to go for a walk, but tomorrow should be warmer and I hope to go for a stroll tomorrow. Cathy is doing better but teaching is a real struggle, particularly since she can’t eat anything all day.

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