Wednesday, January 25, 2017

a little pain in my hands, but a very good day

Another good day on my road to recovery. It is Wednesday night and I am in O’Charley’s having pie and coffee and doing emails, my blog and my lumosity training. I had a tough night sleeping, and really didn’t drift off till after 4, and my hands felt cramped and I had to hold them straight out just to lessen the pain. I did eventually take an acetaminophen and I think that helped. I got up and was still groggy so I took my meds and did a few things and went back to bed. When I got up, I decided that since I had gotten so much done in the past few days that I would take the day off and just head out and play golf and ride my bike for the first time since I got out of the hospital. My play was pretty off, although I made some good shots and though I had a couple of 4 putts, I still ended up with a 50, which was fine. I played very slowly in the bright sunlight and when the wind slowed around 12:30, I felt very good indeed. My bike ride was also very rewarding. I rode from Merrimac toward Tech at first and then back up to the railroad bridge for 50 minutes. I rode very slow and was winded but it was quite an accomplishment for me. I rode back home and talked with Kelly and that was nice to catch up with her and update her on my condition. I told her I would go back and finish the first two seasons of Homeland but only for her. I asked her how Lucia was handling the Trump stuff and she said that as an 8 year old, her responses are that articulate yet but she is troubled by that idiot. I left a message with Gabes and he left a return message from Julian and from him that cheered me up. I have the time and the money to do a New York trip if the weather was decent, but my sleeping patterns and my need for long naps would seem to dictate waiting at least a month until I am better adjusted to the prednisone. I know it would be fun to take Julian for an adventure but I am not sure if I could be safe with him. I took a look at the new apartments on Merrimac but they don’t have any one bedrooms on the first floor so that won’t work. I did get a message from Jonathan at Hethwood that some of the Cooper Croft one bedroom, one den apartments are on the ground floor. I think I will take a look at one. I got the matching touchup paint for my bathroom job, and after the last spackled spot dries I will paint it. Got a message from Rob not to take the extra 100 mg of allopurinol since he thinks the hand pain is from the lupus not the gout. I am also going to drop off a nice donation for his charity walk.

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