Tuesday, January 17, 2017

some good news, some less good

I have to fill in some gaps but I will do that soon. It is Tuesday Night and I have had a pretty good day so far. I got to sleep last night around 2:30, having forgotten to take my sleeping pill earlier. I woke about 7 and got my stationary biking in for 35 minutes then did some more cleaning around the house, drove down to the pasture and got the slightly good news that my kidney numbers and my blood level are slightly improved, responded to Craig’s request that he doesn’t want anything to do with Tracy’s response to me, and then I drove back and eventually went back to bed around 11:00 and slept really hard till 1:00 and took 45 minutes to get fully out of bed and to my wonderful cup of Starbucks coffee. After the coffee I dressed and walked down to the orchard. That was a bit of a struggle but I got up there, and the aerobics helped, and the rain held off. I checked my finances a little and made a couple of phone calls and then headed back. I tried to nap but I just rested and then then headed in to see have dinner at the Cinebowl and then see La La Land, a simply lovely movie that I thoroughly enjoyed. My kayak friend checked in and I wrote her a funny response. She is kind to check on me since she is so busy.

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