Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Helping Maddie

Wednesday and I slept a little better. I got up and I had a painful iirritation near my groin so that put an end to my ambitious plans to cut up the rest of the two fallen trees on the orchard road. I did change the chain saw blade and that only took about twenty minutes (I worked on it inside on newspaper and gave the whole saw a good cleaning. I straightened up around the house, putting the stuff away from my trip and cleaning out the truck, getting the bike broom fixed so it won’t slide up front, spraying the bike lock, doing a wash, napping some, then getting ready to head in for my blood work. As I got to the pasture, I had a message from Maddie about a slight screwup with one of her transcripts so I called all five universities and got things straightened out at three and left messages at the other two. She was very appreciative as she always is. The bloodwork was done with one stick and I gave Valarie the gift card from Target. Rob looked at my rash and when I told him I had put Cortisone 10 on it, he said that was exactly the wrong thing to put on it and wrote me a prescription for a fungal medicine which should solve the problem. I joked about how I am not a doctor and he is not a lawyer. He also looked at my swollen legs and wasn’t particularly happy but didn’t prescribe anything but agreed that I should keep raising them. I then picked up my sneakers, drove to Our Daily Bread for an almond croissant treat and coffee, which I did my lumosity training and most of today’s blog. I hope I can get back to my normal exercises very soon. I am going to do a short walk at Tech later I think before I head to Walmart for my meds. I also left John a message (which was more emotional than I thought it would be) about the act of kindness we talked about and I told him the greatest act of his kindness to me was letting me live with Karen and him for the year I did my Masters at Boston University. This was after Jim’s short stay was a disaster and I was nervous about finding a place to live, scared about going back to school at 27, feeling nowhere in life, and John treated me as a dear friend, in ways as a younger brother, as a peer, even though he was already an amazing success. That may have been the most important year in my life for it allowed me to study harder than I ever did (often 8 hours a day) and then join John for some beers on the drive home and develop a close relationship with Karen. It is something I have never forgotten.

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