Wednesday, February 22, 2017

the vent free is working again

It is Wednesday and a pretty good day even though the rain curtailed my outdoor activities. I did my piano work, my knee exercises, but no weights and yoga. I did ride the stationary bike for thirty minutes. The vent free heater went out again so I tried to call Raymond but he didn’t respond so I called Service Experts and they had a very nice guy, Jaime, come out and he cleaned the pilot and got it working again and then took a look at the Munchin furnace but it sounds like I could put thousands in and not be sure of it working so I am certainly not going to do that. A bigger problem was that the pilot went out again and I was very annoyed. However, I got down and tried to light it a few times unsuccessfully but then I decided to use the pressurized air to clean out the pilot and that worked. I am going to call Service Experts tomorrow to see if they will refund some of my 100 dollars. I am almost finished with my surprise poem for Cathy (just the ending remains) and I also did some financial planning and I should be able to help Maddie out when the Gallos run low. I got the knot out of my good rope by soaking it in hot water and using a plier to pull the knot apart. I also did more vacuuming and rearranged the lower shelf stuff up to the next shelf to make it easier to get to. I still have to do the upper kitchen and my bedroom and then all will be vacuumed. I then watched Duke lose to Syracuse in a great game (Syracuse really needed the win and Grayson Allen was injured and played very poorly). Then I drove into town to eat at O’Charley’s and do my lumosity training and my blog and send my kayak friend an email.

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