Thursday, February 2, 2017

Too much protein

Thursday was a little problematic as I got the blood test and urine test results and the protein in the urine is still too high, thus the swelling in my legs. Rob is going to talk to Trivedi and try to come up with plan, but my hike to the orchard (twice back to the top) was slightly less fun because I was worried about the swelling and if something bad might happen on the hike (I raised my legs up at the orchard several times). When I got back from the hike, I raised them again for 25 minutes and that seemed to help. I also did 30 hard minutes of stationary bike, weights, yoga, and all my knee exercises. I did more things around the house and my list gets shorter and shorter. Then after two good naps I headed in to have an early dinner with Claire and that was fun. Then it was off to my office where I ran into Don and Moira and had nice chats with both of them. I e-mailed Hung-Ling to see if she needed some help but she didn’t respond so I will be leaving shortly. Good day.

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