Saturday, February 11, 2017

2 lasix and no real effect

Saturday was an okay day but the second Lasix had no effect and my legs were really swollen after my very slow hike to the orchard. I had to raise them at least an hour and even that didn’t seem to help much. I did my weights and yoga and my knee exercises so that felt good and I did a lot of piano work and started a new song with several fully diminished chords. Claire called and she and luke liked the house and are going to put a bid on it and I figured out my finances and they will be no problem. I will even have extra to travel with if I want to. Rob has more troubles but he seemed okay tonight so I was glad about that. Talked to Gabes briefly but unless I see a pretty dramatic change in my legs I am not going anywhere soon. I did some culling of novels and got rid of a few DVDs also so I should have more shelf space soon. I am interested to see how my income tax return ends up. Breaking even would be fine.

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