Thursday, February 23, 2017

bloodwork done

Thursday was a good and active day even though I had to push at points. I decided to take a hike after my morning nap and that started out slow but I got up to the orchard, checked on whether Service Experts is going to refund me some money for yesterday’s useless service call, talked to Will and he thought my taxes would be done on Friday, transferred some money to my checking, and talked to Raymond about the vent free heater (he thought I should just wait till the fall if I could). I did my weights and yoga, and my leg exercises and then I headed out to pick up my vital choice stuff (and I was disappointed with the salmon jerky being rather bland but I am going to return it and they are going to send me salmon candy), then off for almost painless bloodwork, then to the Meadows to play golf (where I shot a 51 hoping for a 52), then to my office for a long nap, my lumosity training, and my blog. I sent my kayak friend a funny email and I hope she gets a big laugh out of it. I also touched base with Maddie and she has midterms next week so she is really moving along. I will be having lunch with Claire at Greens tomorrow.

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