Thursday, February 9, 2017

back on Lasix

Thursday was a decent day, and I started on Lasix although it didn’t seem to have an effect yet. I did my biking and piano playing, yoga and weights, my knee exercises, put the warning poles up by the ditch, checked the solar batteries (8 1270, 4 1270 and 1 1235, very good readings). I did more vacuuming and did some straightening up in the guest room so that is a lot more accessible. I was supposed to hear from Gabes tonight but I am not sure what came up. Texted Gyorgyi about Trump’s big loss and we are both pretty happy. Emailed Rosemary a draft of the Coleman application and I should have that finished tomorrow. I didn’t feel up to my lumosity training but I am finishing my blog. Duke beat NC in a very good game.

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