Friday, February 10, 2017

no big complaints

Friday, except for my sleeping or lack of it, was a very decent day. I couldn’t do my stationary bike because of the rash on my groin so I set up an appointment to see Rob to get some advice. I did my knee exercises, some piano, weights and yoga, and took a couple of short naps. I am now down to 50 mg of prednisone and perhaps that will help with the swelling. I drove in to meet Claire for lunch at Greens and we talked about the house search and financing, which I will help her with. I then headed to Rob’s and he didn’t think my rash was that bad so he just suggested more Lamasil and a lot of Tinactin powder. He was still concerned about my swelling legs and decided to put me on 2 40mg Lasix a day. Just for fun I checked into some flyfishing adventures up in Alberta and up in Fernie and I may do something out there in September. I talked to my friend Nick and he was doing okay and is actually doing things with a woman in her 80s and that is very good to hear. He is still the best person I have ever met and I hope he continues to do well. I then went to play golf and was doing pretty well until the last two holes where I got tired and ended up with a 51. I think my putting was a little better and my new grips are really much better. Tomorrow is supposed to be very nice so I may play again after watching the Duke game at 1. I then drove to my office for a nap and my lumosity training and my blog.

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