Tuesday, February 14, 2017

water loss

Well, one of my main fears was relieved today after Darbi visited the hollow and said that she thought I could sell it for between 220K and 240K, so I am assuming I could really sell it fairly quickly (six months) for 230K. That would pay off Tracy and fully pay off my equity line. I would really like to stay in the hollow for at least a couple more years so if I could sell now and rent it back for a couple years that would be perfect. My health of course will be the deciding factor. After taking the 2 lasix at 5 in the morning, I didn’t drink much and peed a lot and my weight was down 6 pounds from 247 to 241 so that was very encouraging. Darbi was very nice and we chatted a lot about travel, books (I loaned her Pilgrim at Tinker Creek and Teaching a Stone to Talk) and the hollow. Her big concerns are the easement and the right of way and those are obviously the big ones. My surprise for my kayak friend was well received so I’m glad I could pull that off. I did take a nice hike and then I played golf and shot a 52 but I got an 8 on 17 when my third shot rolled all the way back down the hill and then my 5th shot didn’t make it to the green. I really struggle on the last two holes even though today I had a can of Starbucks Double Shot. I then went to my office for a nap and my lumosity and my blog. Claire and I had a good texting exchange and Luke and she are supposed to make an offer today. I really hope they get it since they both like it a lot.

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