Wednesday, February 8, 2017

a bad day and then a pretty good one

Today, Tuesday was not a good day, mainly because I went crazy eating and I feel so fat and I think that has affected the swollenness in my legs. I got up early and did some household tasks (only a few remain) and practiced a lot of piano, which felt really good. I tried to take a hike but I could only get to the second resting spot and I struggled to get back to the house. I had to nap and got up just in time to head to lunch with Jeff Saperstein (just a decent salad and a piece of pita) and that went quite well although my legs were pretty swollen. I then went and got the chain saw chain sharpened, then went to Lowes, where they don’t carry the Anderson closer, then to Home Depot, where I ordered two of the closers, but they didn’t have the adhesive screen patches so I had to head back to Lowes, but I stopped at Kentucky Fried Chicken for mashed potatoes, mac and cheese and two biscuits. Lowes had the adhesive patches so I headed home and stopped for a big bag of mixed snacks and devoured that and knew immediately that was a big mistake. I took a nap, then got up and rode my stationary bike hard for 30 minutes and did my knee exercises, then showered, and headed into O’Charley’s for tea and eventually a side of broccoli to take my medicine with (I ended up not taking the third prednisone) and having a good chat with Dave. Wednesday was a good day overall but I really didn’t get to sleep until almost 7 so that wasn’t much fun. I have been off the sleeping pills for a few days, but I think I might take one tonight. When I got up at 9:00, I did a few things and then Sam came to treat the house and I went back to be until almost 12:00. I did my biking for 30 minutes and my knee exercises and with raising my legs a lot, the swelling was down some and that made me feel more comfortable. I did some good piano playing, put the old closer back on the front storm door (the new ones should come in a couple of weeks), and organized almost all my photos (which I need to put on my computer, instead of just on the thumb drive). Rob called just as I was getting up from a nap and he wanted to walk so that was fine with me and I met him around 4:45 and we had a very nice walk. He wants me to go on the Lasix tomorrow to cut down on the swelling. After the walk I drove to china inn and had my broccoli and eggplant mix and ate less than half. I took the rest of the veggies with me but tossed them later because I really want to eat less. I drove to Dick’s and dropped off my clubs to be regripped and that should help. Then it was off to Panera for a bagel and blueberry cream cheese. I heard from Gabes and we are looking at the first weekend in March for a NY trip since I really can’t drive a long distance with swollen legs.

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