Saturday, February 25, 2017

last two days

Friday was a good day with a nice hike, knee exercises, some fishing out at Wolf and Walker creeks. I got the news from Will Vance and I still owe 2800 in taxes so that sucks but I will put that off until April. I did not hear from Service Experts so I will call Monday. I did send back the salmon jerky and they will replace it with salmon candy. I hope to ride my bike later. Nice lunch with Claire and the closing is in late March. Today was supposed to be my big dinner with Cathy but after the first 50 minutes Maddie called and said Claire was throwing up so Cathy had to leave. Oh well! We got to chat some and I am glad for that. The rest of my day went pretty well although I only got a short hike in because of the rain, but I got everything else in, some piano, weights and yoga, knee exercises, some vacuuming in my bedroom, washing dishes and a laundry, fixing my glass case, a few other small things. Duke lost to Miami but Grayson Allen didn’t play so I’m not too worried about that loss. My weight is 217, and that is fine but my legs look pretty thin, particularly in the calves even though I do a lot of walking and exercise. I tried to get on Rob’s portal but it said my information as inaccurate (I think I still remember my birthday) so I will have to call on Monday. Dave and I are having an interesting conversation about media coverage (he is more critical of the media) and I hope to talk to him later tonight.

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