Sunday, February 26, 2017

My weight is 210, and I don't want to lose any more

Sunday was a very decent day but I am concerned about my weight. I am down to 210, which would normally be a very good thing but my legs, especially my calves are too thin. I will call Trivedi tomorrow to see if I should go down to one Lasix. I did a hike today, cut down the last dangerous overhanging branch near the tractor barn, fixed a patch in the ceiling (more to come if the patch looks good), played piano, weights and yoga, knee exercises and made myself a dish of Vital Choice tiny shrimp with butter sauce and spaghetti. Very good. I sprayed the lock on the way out and drove to O’Charley’s for dinner, the peach chutney chicken and mashed sweet potatoes with a side salad. My kayak friend is getting better and we are planning to have dinner over spring break if she is fully better by then. Maddie pulled a real prank on me with her desire to get a duckling but it was really just a tease but a lot of fun nonetheless.

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