Sunday, February 5, 2017


Friday turned out to be a good day, particularly after I spoke with Trivedi’s office and she said that the swelling in my legs was probably due to the prednisone. She thought that if the swelling starts to hurt then she might prescribe something. My other problem, the high protein in my urine, may be partially my fault. I have actually been eating a high protein diet (although with a lot of salad and veggies) and I have stopped that. Tonight just vegetable fajitas at Gran Rodeo. I think that should help. My day went very well. I got up and did a little more vacuuming (I am moving slowly around the living room, doing the walls and the moldings and up by the ceiling. I did some good practicing on the piano, and then back for a nap. When I got up, it was time for finishing the orchard road and with the new chainsaw blade on the cutting was very easy if very slow (a couple cuts and I needed to sit to get my breath back). I moved on to the small fallen tree in the left corner of the orchard then tackled the hardest job, the tree that was loaded with vines and was interlocked with one of the cherries. I had to cut and cut at the vines but eventually I got everything cut up and thrown to the side. I got back and had a bite to eat then went back to nap. After that it was time to do my stationary bike and then get ready to head into Radford to drop off my tax stuff for Will. Then it was off to my office to do my lumosity training and chat with Moira and then off to dinner. Saturday was another good day although it started off a little shaky. I was coughing a bit and I thought I might be catching something but by the middle of the day I felt fine and even got a nice slow hike down to the second resting place near the gate. I did more vacuuming and got over past the air conditioner and I should be done with the whole house in a few weeks. I did my knee exercises, a lot of piano, watched Duke beat Pitt in a pretty close game, washed the sheet I am using for my exercises (so I won’t ruin another one), charged the chain saw battery, equalized the batteries for over 2 hours (I must check the numbers soon), exchanged a couple of emails with my kayak friend (and I hope to send her a very funny one shortly), tried to figure out why the humidifier is leaking (not sure yet), and organized the house even more. I drove down to the pasture to look at some of the houses that Darbi sent me, and the idea of buying a brand new one level house with about 1500 square feet, is becoming appealing. According to Ryan, the loan officer, my credit is over 800, my finances are sterling and I could purchase a 250K house with a mortgage, HOA fees, taxes and insurance for 1200 per month, close to what I would be paying for a 800 square foot apartment in Copper Croft. Of course, all of this is just to keep my mind a little busy. My health is the great determinant and then whether I can stay in the hollow. After that it is all just entertainment. I am sticking to my new low protein diet and I hope that my protein level will go down when I go for bloodwork. I feel pretty good although I do get very cold at points, particularly toward the evening and I have to assume that is because of the anemia or the kidneys. I had hoped to have dinner with Cathy Gallo but they have the norovirus so that wasn’t going to work. When I go to bed, I do ask to make it through the night because I do feel somewhat tentative, and I think that is the jittery effect of the prednisone. I am finishing my veggie dinner at Red Lobster (that is a bit ironic, I realize but I like some of their new veggie offerings. Sunday has proven another good day. I didn’t sleep that well being pretty cold all night (I checked the temp in the room and it was 67; later when it got up to 70 I warmed up and was able to go back to sleep). I did some practicing, my leg exercises, and my weights and yoga. I got a call from Rob and we agreed to go for a walk at 2 and that was a lot of fun catching up. He still is a little worried about my swollen legs and the high protein but I wasn’t too worried so we spent a few minutes on health and a lot more on politics and family. After our walk I raised my legs some and then headed for the golf course where I played quite well up to the last two holes (I hit a nice shot on 17 that rolled way back down the hill and then I four putted for an 8) and then on last hole I was on on 4 and I made a good putt about 4 feet away but missed for a 50. Then it was time to head to Macado’s to watch the Super Bowl and have dinner and where I met Jake’s baby and his wife. Very cute baby.

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