Sunday, February 19, 2017

an odd day

Today worked out okay but for a while I thought I was in some trouble. I didn’t sleep well and finally I got to bed around 6:30. When I got up I decided I had to finally ride my bike outside so I drove down to the pasture and rode for about ten minutes on the bumpy road I realize that I was probably irritating my groin rash and I decided to head for the Tech Research area to ride on pavement. That was a good idea but I felt pretty weird the whole time (kind of out of breath, kind of lightheaded) but I did ride for 20 full minutes then rested, then headed back home for a long nap. My vent free heater pilot went out again so I really do need Raymond to come out to fix it. Fortunately I have the bedroom heater and I pulled out the heater I used in my office and that warmed up the living room. Fortunately, the weather has been so nice that I don’t need a lot of heat. Rob called and asked me to call him and when I got to the pasture I texted back that I would call as long as it wasn’t about my medical stuff. I feel trapped right now and I will go for the bloodwork on Thursday but I want to stop talking about my medical stuff for a while. Trivedi is setting up the appointment at UVa and then I will have to make decisions. I put off my trip to NY because it would just be too stressful right now. I told Gabes that I might be able to come in April. The 2 lasix seem to be working so that is good, and I did my weights and yoga, knee exercises and piano and by 630 I was feeling well enough to go into town for dinner at Macado’s. I did my lumosity training and my blog and I am watching an absolutely ridiculous NBA all star game (97-92 at the HALF). Rob said he called to go for a hike and offered to go tomorrow and I accepted but I don’t want to talk about my medical stuff right now. I have been recovering from things since my May knee surgery (which was definitely the right thing to do, but has left me still doing therapy) and that was when Rob first noticed that I was a little anemic. Then I had to change my western trip to find out what was wrong with my toe (it was just athlete’s foot) and then I hurt my thigh out in the Bighorns after one lovely afternoon and evening of fishing from the banks of Plum Creek with my spinning gear and then with my fly gear, and that caused me to not make it to Yellowstone. Then I get through my semester and finally head out to Big Bend and that is a disaster since I have to head back for the renal biopsy and then the hospital and then endless bloodwork and swollen legs (now almost gone) and low albumin and high protein in the urine and I want no more of this. Is this whining? I guess so but I really don’t care tonight. Claire and Luke should sign a contract for their house this week and that is good news. My house is really getting cleaned up and my list of tasks is getting fewer and fewer.

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