Monday, February 6, 2017

the branch is gone

Monday ended up being a good day but I had trouble breathing early on and it wasn’t until my walk to the orchard that my lungs opened up. I was very slow but I got there and did three times down to the bottom of the orchard and back so that helped. I did my stationary bike for 30 minutes, all my leg exercises, fixed the broken humidifier, and played some piano. After my second nap, I got up and was able to cut the branch overhanging the road to the tractor barn so that is now safe. It was not too bad after I got up on the back of the truck so I had a much better angle on the cut. I also checked the batteries and they were 8 1268 4 1250 and 1 1227. I also added water again although it could have waited. My 500 gallon tank is down to 39 percent and with the 54 percent in the 100 gallon, I should have enough till the mid-summer. My legs are still swollen and I must have raised them 20 times today. I am hoping with my low protein diet to have better results soon and on the 10th I go down to 50mg of prednisone. I still have a tentative feel at points, but my days in the hollow are very comfortable. I am at O’Charley’s where I had a vegetable dinner and did my lumosity training and my blog. John left me a very kind message in response to my message and I was very touched by it. He did play a crucial role in my life.

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